Orro S

Orro S is a human-centric dimmer and lighting control system in the form factor of a standard-sized light switch. The device features advanced daylight and occupancy/motion-sensing technologies to not only provide automated, intelligent lighting, but simple and painless compatibility with other smart home devices and brands. The company’s human-centric, wellness-driven system provides automated, intelligent lighting that follows the sun’s natural cycles and our body’s circadian rhythms to provide healthier and more efficient lighting. With motion, sound, infrared and lighting sensors built in, the system learns and adapts to occupants’ habits, to automatically activate and deactivate lighting, while applying only the precise amounts needed, reducing lighting usage by up to 80%. Enhanced third-party features now extend the device’s human-centric lighting benefits to other connected lighting systems and brands, including Lutron Caséta, Lutron RA2 Select, Leviton, Kasa Smart by TP Link and LIFX. Orro S connects to standard wiring, fits in a standard J-box and require no changes to electrical connections and plans.


Consumer Benefits

By detecting motion, sound and light, with its powerful built-in sensors, Orro responds with the perfect amount of light, while learning and adapting based on homeowners’ habits and preferences. The benefits include better overall health and sleep, as well as significant (and automatic) reductions in lighting usage. The device’s human-centric design removes the burden from homeowners for thinking about and managing lighting, instead bringing artificially intelligent lighting to any home. Not only can homeowners rely on Orro for the healthiest and most efficient lighting possible, but they can rely on Orro’s smartphone app and system to monitor and control lighting from anywhere. Meanwhile, with compatibility for any type of lightbulb, Orro is a cinch to use and integrate.


Builder Benefits

Orro unlocks new revenue opportunities for builders via an easy-to-install, easy to sell, switch-based format. The system offers dead-simple setup and painless compatibility for professional installers, making it a unified option and a “Swiss Army knife” of sorts for smart home design. The system not only provides automated, intelligent lighting controls that learn and adapt to homeowners’ habits but painless compatibility with other smart home devices and systems. By replacing a standard electrical switch, builders can market and offer the benefits of intelligent lighting, automatic energy savings and home monitoring capabilities, making it a selling point in a market in which most homebuyers (now) expect smart home systems as standard features.