JinkoSolar’s EAGLE RS is a fully integrated DC-coupled solution for new solar plus storage residential installations. An integrated automatic transfer switch and autotransformer enables seamless operation during power outage events, and the use of just a single hybrid inverter for both the solar and the storage energy conversion provides the best value for solar plus storage installations.

The EAGLE RS has a total energy capacity of 26.2 kWh and a power output of 7.6 kW which is enough to power the essential loads of a standard US home during an outage. The EAGLE RS features best-in-class safety Li-ion LFP battery technology, a robust battery management system for safe operation, and a single-wrapped warranty.

The EAGLE RS components carry NEMA4X and IP55 ratings allowing for both indoor and outdoor installations for maximum installation flexibility. Two separate cabinets allow additional flexibility during installation.

JinkoSolar’s U.S. based monitoring app is included for both installers and end-users to track historical and real-time system production.

Consumer Benefits

EAGLE RS offers homeowners energy resilience and peace of mind. When facing power disruptions caused by extreme weather, having a solar and storage system ensures that essentials such as lighting, HVAC, kitchen appliances, internet, and home security continue to operate.

The EAGLE RS also provides homeowners with financial benefits, particularly when paired with solar. Homeowners on a time-of-use rate plan have the option to pull energy from their EAGLE RS system at times energy costs are high, and can subsequently charge their system when energy costs are low.

Homeowners can track performance and operation status in a simple and user-friendly app that monitors various aspects of the system such as grid consumption, solar power production, and battery level.


Builder Benefits

Jinko’s EAGLE RS is a high-capacity DC coupled storage solution making it the best value for new Solar plus Storage installations. By utilizing a single hybrid inverter, the system runs more efficiently and does not have redundant components which add unnecessary cost. Additionally, the high energy capacity and power rating ensures that one SKU can satisfy virtually any residential storage system need. Simple and cost effective.