Radiant Wave Switch

An easy and innovative way to make homes a little cleaner, and control more convenient, the new radiant Wave® Switch is perfect for anywhere hands might get dirty or full. Available in 15A and 20A versions – each boasting the sleek form factor and smooth lines of Legrand’s radiant® Collection – the Wave Switch features an adjustable, internal sensor that can be set to register motion from 1 to 6” from the device face. This allows users to turn lights, or even small-motored appliances, on or off with a simple wave of the hand (or elbow, etc.), limiting mess and the spread of germs. As homeowners seek to integrate technology throughout their space to add ease, comfort and other life-enhancing benefits, this unique solution for touchless, germ- and worry-free lighting control is a perfect addition for entryways, kitchens, bath and powder rooms, laundry rooms and more. Replacing any standard light switch in minutes, and usable in single-pole and 3-way applications, the Wave Switch is a simple but ingenious modern upgrade that can perfectly fit any home’s unique needs.


Consumer Benefits

Designed d specifically with the consumer in mind, the radiant Wave Switch is usable in any space where frequent cleaning is necessary. The lens features durable construction that can withstand even the most rigorous cleaning practices – tested with household cleaning brands – and features chemical resistance that’s purposefully integrated into the externally facing front cover of the switch. Thanks to Legrand’s innovative touchless technology allows users to avoid touching the switch directly by turning lights on and off with a simple wave, for the germ-and-worry solution that’s perfect for any home’s entryway or kitchen. The radiant Wave Switch also features an internal sensor that can be adjusted to detect the wave motion anywhere from 1″ to 6″ from the device to best fit a specific user’s needs or preferences. It is also the ideal addition to any shared space – offices, stores and more – to give users the peace of mind that they’re keeping their loved ones and themselves germ-free. Users can complete the high-end look and feel of their homes with the screwless radiant Wall Plate – available in multiple colors to allow for complete customization. The radiant Collection’s sleek, designer-inspired styles can elevate any space through finishes complementing all home décor.


Builder Benefits

For builders, buyers, architects and designers, Legrand’s radiant Wave Switch provides a blend of elevated form and innovative function that cannot be beat. The seamless and easy installation of the radiant Wave Switch takes less than 15 minutes, thanks to its back-wire pressure plate terminations, as it is intended for use in both commercial and residential building applications. The radiant Wave Switch can work with virtually any load type, allowing flexibility for the specific needs of each building application. The durable construction of its impact-resistant thermoplastic allows for installation even in rugged conditions. It can also be used with multi-gang switch boxes and fits into existing electrical boxes. This product also accepts neutral wire when required by NEC for new construction, and it works in retrofit applications where a neutral wire may not be available. The radiant Wave Switch also provides a use rating of up to 1/2 HP (15A) or 3/4HP (20A) for adding touchless control to small motor applications. During updates to construction, the radiant Wave Switch’s standard decorator-style opening also proves useful when looking to replace dated switch covers.