Gold Heat and Black Gold

Gold Heat is an electric, custom-designed, radiant underfloor heat mat system. It is designed to be used under stone and ceramic tile flooring materials. You provide the floor plan, and Gold Heat manufactures a pre-wired, pre-terminated custom floor heat mat that matches your floor plan. Compared to other products in this category, it installs in under 20 minutes (which saves half a day of tile installation prep), requires no cumbersome cable weaving, and allows easy troubleshooting or servicing.


Consumer Benefits

Home owners get several benefits from Gold Heat such as: quiet operation, (no loud forced-air through vents), even heating (no cold spots), allergy-friendly, and zero maintenance. To provide the maximum heating range, you get 15 watts of heat per square foot. Lastly, unlike other electric radiant products, in the unlikely event of damage, Gold Heat can pinpoint failure locations and save thousands in repair costs.


Builder Benefits

Electric Radiant heating does not have to be complicated. Gold Heat took the risk and complications out of the installation process by creating a custom-made floor heat mat that is prewired and preterminated. Ready to install right out of the box. A Gold Heat mat folds out like a tablecloth and lies perfectly around the room and its fixed furniture – like toilets and kitchen islands. Most floors are ready for tile in 30 minutes or less allowing maximum productivity. By using custom ruggedized wiring to minimize potential damage to the product during and after installation, paired with a dependable domestic supply chain, and top-tier support by on-staff engineers Gold Heat delivers on the promise of ease and speed.