SmartHQ Management

SmartHQ Management is a proactive maintenance software using Internet-of-Things technology to empower multi-unit owners and building managers to get more done across their portfolio with a simple, scalable appliance management solution.

Whether property owners wish to monitor their appliance performance across the country, make individual room adjustments from the central dashboard, or troubleshoot their appliances remotely based on preventative maintenance reports, SmartHQ Management helps ease the burden of high-impact operations while keeping tenants happy and comfortable.

SmartHQ Management is designed to be an ever-evolving platform which regularly introduces new features and benefits to match the industry’s ever-changing demands. The system currently enables customers in the field to address labor shortages by leveraging our batch command solution for property-wide adjustments, bulk OTA software updates to improve energy expenditures, warranty monitoring to ensure reliability of service, and benchmark reporting to track and manage the health of every appliance on the system.

GE Appliances is revolutionizing the way we look at property ownership and management. And while connected home appliances continue to dominate the residential market, SmartHQ Management offers property owners the same competitive edge at a managerial level.


Consumer Benefits

There are a number of benefits available to residents and owners who integrate the SmartHQ Management solution into their property’s operations and connect their tenants into a smart-home ecosystem.

SmartHQ Management is built on-top of Amazon Web Services (AWS), giving our partners the ability to leverage the entire suite of benefits available through the worlds largest computing company.

Specifically, this means the appliances that residents rely on each and every day will see significantly decreased downtime as proactive maintenance alerts notify the owner of trouble before significant issues occur. In addition, in-room voice commands are made possible through Amazon’s Alexa software, creating household efficiencies to match a modern age. Finally, whole-home connectivity offers the resident a uniquely customizable living experience, creating a tailored environment to matches their habits and schedules.


Builder Benefits

Multifamily builders and property managers often lack visibility of where their owned appliance assets are, how they are performing throughout the varying seasons, and whether they can proactively service those assets to improve operations and maintain their value over time.

With SmartHQ Management, GE Appliances is bringing to market an appliance management solution that covers all this and more, seeking to address the rising concerns of labor shortages, energy restrictions, and product life-cycles while improving the overall experience and managing properties and tenant satisfaction.

Our solution focuses on delivering appliance specific software services to solve customer complaints and pain points, all while providing a centralized dashboard that can be deployed quickly, accessed easily, integrated seamlessly into existing systems, and fully connected into GE’s ever-expanding fleet of smart/connected appliances.