Savant Power System: Power Packages

To complement the Savant Power System, the first flexible load energy management solution designed with the needs of the home builders and technology integrators in mind, Savant has partnered with industry-leading inverter and battery storage providers to create select, out-of-the-box solutions. Partners include Schneider Electric, Fortress Power, Sol-Ark, and HomeGrid, powered by Lithion. In addition to pre-made packages, Savant has also delivered advanced integrations with these partner solutions. To-date, there are 11 packages available, ranging from 7kW/11kWh to 72kW/384kWh. Packages support both AC & DC coupling and are scalable up to an 800 AMP service.

No other energy management solution provides the utility-grade reporting or the vastly scalable features and functionality plus the benefit of turnkey packages that include storage and inverters, providing builders with the ultimate opportunity to deliver smart power to their clients as either a standalone solution or as part of a Savant smart home ecosystem.


Consumer Benefits

Savant Power System’s inverter and battery storage packages offer a variety of scalable features, including a seamless transition from on-grid to battery backup so that grid-outages don’t affect devices in the home.  Many packages also include black start functionality, allowing batteries to be charged and immediately usable even after draining to zero power. 

With a Savant Power System homeowners can create Energy Scenes within the Savant app to manage loads. Energy Scenes can be activated automatically whether the system is on or off-grid or manually based on homeowner needs.  Scenes can be scheduled to activate based on time-of-day or can activate based on an outage event (with automatic adjustments for conditions like battery state-of-charge).  

A Savant Power System energy management solution integrated with an inverter and battery storage package also provides advanced control with Energy Modes, including: 

  1. Eco Mode reduces consumption during high-cost and ‘peak’ hours. 
  2. Storm Watch Mode reserves battery power in the case of an emergency.
  3. Power Outage Mode automatically activates during a grid-outage, helping route power to critical loads.
  4. Off-Grid Mode utilizes locally stored power and is designed to maximize how long the home can stay off-grid based on predetermined priorities.


Builder Benefits

  • There are lots of factors to consider when installing smart power solutions, including if the client wants to add storage capabilities to create an in-home advanced microgrid.  In partnership with industry-leading companies, Savant is delivering easy-to-specify packages that provide great a great, integrated client experience, complete with focused education and installation materials as well as support for local permitting. This makes the process easy to navigate for builders and installers. 
  • With 11 packages available as well as custom-designed solutions for estate-level projects, Savant has an inverter and battery storage solution to accommodate every home and every price point. 
  • Savant Power System’s inverter and battery storage packages, as part of a Savant Power System energy management solution, tightly integrate with the Savant’s award-winning smart home platform that provides a powerful, intuitive user interface, offering the ultimate customization and control for complete energy independence with historical views and circuit level control. A Savant Power System energy management solution can be delivered to the homeowner either as a standalone solution or as part of an award-winning Savant smart home ecosystem.