Cync Recessed Smart LED Downlight Fixtures

Cync Full Color Smart LED downlight fixtures are part of a growing family of smart solutions from GE Lighting, a Savant company. Cync downlight fixtures are available in two sizes (4-inch and 6-inch) and support the full color spectrum with 16 million vibrant colors. Each fixture is ultra-slim (just .125” below ceiling) thanks to a remote junction box and are easy to install without the need for a recessed can housing. Full Color Smart fixtures support a healthy sleep/wake cycle and allow homeowners to create the perfect scene for any time of day or night, with tunable white color temperatures ranging from 7000k to 2000k. With full color control available from the Cync app as well as via voice control with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, smart downlights can also be used to quickly transform any room into the perfect party atmosphere.
Cync Full Color Smart fixtures, deliver homeowners the ability to set a custom schedule that suits them perfectly—never arriving home to the discomfort of a dark environment. Homeowners can also control lights when away from the home, keeping everything safe and secure no matter where they are.

Consumer Benefits

  • Cync Smart fixtures allow homeowners to create custom scenes that can be automatically activated based on time-of-day, or manually recalled to instantly change the mood of a room from entertaining to clean up time.  
  • The Cync app allows homeowners to select and save favorite colors and apply that favorite color to every smart fixture in the house as well as to Cync Smart Bulbs and Smart Light Strips delivering layered lighting that is perfectly complementary without breaking the budget. 
  • Homeowners can easily expand any Cync home to include additional smart home and smart lighting features.  The Cync family includes smart fixtures, smart Bulbs and light strips, smart plugs, smart dimmers, switches and sensors, smart cameras and thermostats.  All Cync products are available to be professionally installed by Savant Integrators as well as available for the do-it-yourself homeowner through leading retailers nationwide.   
  • Cync delivers a “closed” smart home family so integration compatibility is never a concern.  
  • Homeowners can directly connect to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for hands-free voice control 
  • Users will appreciate lighting control through the Cync app, even when they are away from home. 
  • Advanced LED technology delivers both beautiful light and energy efficiency, perfect for every room. 


Builder Benefits

  • Cync Smart fixtures enable builders to offer even entry level homeowners dynamic lighting features at an affordable price.  Builders can offer Smart fixtures as an upgrade to main living areas or as a whole home feature.   
  • Cync Smart fixtures can be installed by the electrical contractor and operational all without any commissioning.  Homeowners simply move into the home, download the Cync app and fixtures are automatically identified. Homeowners can start creating scenes in minutes. No hub or additional external hardware required.
  • Cync Smart fixtures are the perfect complement to Cync Smart Dimmers and Switches, Smart Bulbs and Smart Light Strips allowing builders to deliver end-to-end lighting control.  Builders can even add smart home features like climate control and security cameras. 
  • Builders will appreciate that Cync downlight fixtures are available in two sizes (4-inch and 6-inch) to best suit any style home.   Each fixture is ultra-slim thanks to a remote junction box, and easy to install in both new construction and retrofit applications. 
  • Safety and security are major selling points for builders. With Cync Smart fixtures, homeowners can use the Cync app to set a custom schedule that suits them perfectly—never arriving home to the discomfort of a dark environment.