XS4 Original+ ANSI

The XS4 Original+ is designed for every door at multifamily properties. It can be installed on exterior-facing perimeter doors, common doors, staff-only doors, gates, amenities doors, or unit doors. It’s compatible with all climates and can be installed outdoors in Minnesota, on a beach in Florida, or in the deserts of Arizona. It also supports SALTO’s latest technologies like the Apple Wallet Pass, BLE Credentials, Keycard, or Keyfobs. Using SALTO’s data-on-card technology, SVN, the XS4 Original+ can be installed as a standalone device without the need for any hubs. Even though it doesn’t require traditional infrastructure, it can still be managed centrally without having to reprogram the lock!

Consumer Benefits

Homeowners love the flexibility. Residents have a consistent experience at every door throughout a building. They can open the door in the way that best fits their needs – using BLE within the SALTO Apps, Apple Wallet, Keycards, Keyfobs, Wristbands, smart-rings, and more! Using SALTO’s management software, residents can provide guest access to their unit and compatible installations allow residents to remotely open doors!


Builder Benefits

The XS4 Original+ can be used on all doors and can offer a consistent and predictable installation throughout buildings. The XS4 Original+ can be installed indoors or outdoors and is compatible with cylindrical cartridges, tubular latches, mortise, mortise + deadbolt, surface mounted exit devices, vertical rod exit devices, and even non-SALTO panic hardware like the Von Durpin 99. SALTO’s SVN technology means that many common doors normally wired with traditional readers can be replaced with the XS4 Original+, saving builders 50-75% of the cost of traditional wired readers.